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Stem Cell Fairy is a biotechnology start-up that believes in giving each child every opportunity for health and happiness.

The Brief

Stem Cell Fairy provides cord blood collection and banking. This involves the collection of blood left in a newborn baby’s umbilical cord and placenta and storing it for future, possibly lifesaving, medical use. The UK has a low market penetration rate (approx. 0.6%) for cord blood banking compared to other developed nations. This is mostly due to a lack of awareness and publicity of the practice.

March was commissioned to create a friendly, emotional brand identity. Biotechnology is not typically an accessible subject, so it was important we made the brand approachable and steered clear of clinical visuals.

Building a strong brand identity

Logo Branding Concept

Initial Idea: Logomark of child (small cell) being protected by fairy godmother (large cell). Soft, non-uniform shapes to look more natural.

Logo Branding Concept

Stage 2:  Simplification of logomark to use strokes instead of fills.

Logo Branding Concept

Stage 3: Increasing godmother and child to fill the height of the cell. Experimenting with Pantone swatches.

Our concepts was presented to a target audience panel. We made adjustments based on the feedback before presenting to the client.

Branded Business Cards

We used a bold, disruptive swatch as the primary colour: Pantone 3252.
This Pantone gave more vibrancy than a CMYK swatch

Branding Colour Swatches

A brand guidelines document was written and distributed to their team and collaborating agencies. This enabled Stem Cell Fairy to achieve consistency in all their assets and communications.

Stem Cell Fairy Brand Guidelines

Branded stationery was created, including business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, training manuals and packaging for the cord blood collection kits.

SCF Letterhead
Branded Business Cards

The branding was implemented in this explainer video by our friends at The Animation Guys.

desktop.png scf-tablet.png scf-phone.png

Brand assets

We collaborated with our partners at The Animation Guys and SoBold to create the Stem Cell Fairy website. This included the art direction, user interface design and vector assets.

macbook-scf.png iPhone.png

We thoroughly enjoyed shaping this unique brand and built a deep working relationship with the client. We went on to design and produce a range of printed materials to solidify brand consistency and help build the company's initial marketing strategy.


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