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Stem Cell Fairy is a biotechnology startup with the potential to achieve lifesaving results.

Stem Cell Fairy provides umbilical cord blood collection and banking. That means they help new parents collect the blood left in a newborn baby’s umbilical cord and placenta (that would usually be discarded), then store it for the future. Cord blood can be used for possibly lifesaving medical procedures, so collecting it and storing it can bring immense benefits.

In the UK, only 0.6% of newborns have their cord blood banked. That is much lower compared to other developed nations. This is mainly due to a lack of public awareness. Not many people know that cord blood banking is actually a thing.

The Challenge

Stem Cell Fairy asked March to try and change this situation. Could we build a brand identity for Stem Cell Fairy that would make more people want to use their fantastic service?

We were asked to create a friendly, emotional brand identity that would connect on a deeper level with prospective parents. Biotechnology isn’t the most accessible subject in the world, so it was essential that we made the brand approachable, steering away from visuals that were too clinical.

Branding for Startups

The first thing we looked at was the Stem Cell Fairy brand identity. Our concepts were shown to a panel made up of Stem Cell Fairy’s target audience. We made some small adjustments based on their feedback before we presented to the client.

Initial Idea: Logomark of a child (small cell) being protected by fairy godmother (large cell). Soft, non-uniform shapes to look more natural.
Stage 2:  We simplified the logomark, using strokes instead of fills.
Stage 3: We increased the godmother and child to fill the height of the cell. We also experimented with Pantone swatches.

Branding for Startups

We chose Pantone 3252, a bold, disruptive swatch, as the primary colour for the Stem Cell Fairy branding. This Pantone would give more vibrancy than a CMYK swatch.

Pantone Swatches for a disruptive start-up

We drew up a brand guidelines document for all Stem Cell Fairy assets and communications. This was given out to their team and all collaborating agencies, ensuring total consistency.

Branding for Startups Stem Cell Fairy

We created new branded stationery for Stem Cell Fairy, including business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, training manuals, folded advertising booklets, and illustrations. We also created new packaging for the all-important cord blood collection kits.

Letterhead Designs
Icons for Healthcare

To introduce the new Stem Cell Fairy branding with impact, our friends at The Animation Guys made a video

Stem Cell Fairy Desktop Website Stem Cell Fairy Tablet Website Stem Cell Fairy Branded Mobile Website

Brand Assets

Next, we started work on the Stem Cell Fairy website, in collaboration with our partners at The Animation Guys and So Bold. This included art direction, user interface design and vector assets.

Our work with Stem Cell Fairy helped shape the direction of this unique brand.

When Stem Cell Fairy needed more printed materials to reinforce brand consistency and build their initial marketing strategy, they came back to March.

We thoroughly enjoyed forging a deep working relationship with this terrific startup company.


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