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Even in the digital age, when most of your correspondence is over email or social media, you should still consider having professionally designed business stationery. There will always be an occasion where you need a physical manifestation of your brand. Designing brand stationery needn’t be difficult.

On this page, we’ll look at exactly what types of business stationery you may need, as well as how to create stationery that achieves all your goals. We’ll also look at how March, as a stationery design agency, can help you create the right stationery for you.

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What is business stationery?

Business stationery is what we call the printed materials that help customers recognise and remember your brand, as well as a means for you to communicate.

Most businesses, large and small, will have stationery in their office and for their staff to keep. These can include:

  • Business cards – 3.5 x 2 inches
  • Headed notepaper – A4
  • Branded envelopes
  • Compliment slips – A5 or smaller
  • Pens
  • Stamps – making it easy to print the company logo

Why you need great business stationery

There are so many reasons why, even in the online age, you need well-designed business stationery.

Business cards are great to offer to clients and potential clients when you meet them. It gives them something they can remember you by, as well as an easy way of getting hold of you when they need you.

When you send printed matter to your customers (invoices, for example), using company paper makes you look more professional, as well as giving the recipient all the information they need. It shows you care about your business and your customers, as well as being very simple to design and use.

Business stationery can also be an extension of your brand. It’s another thing that your customers can see and recognise, another thing that will stick in their mind. That’s why it’s important that you get your stationery right.

Stationery Design for HBB


For every 2000 cards a business hands out, sales increase by 2.5% - source


Every day, 27 million business cards are printed - source


A colourful business card is ten times more likely to be kept by the recipient, compared to a plain white one - source

How to create excellent business stationery

Crafting business stationery is a challenge that causes you to think about your business, your customers, the processes you follow and how you want to be seen by the wider world.

Stationery Design

Here are three aspects you must consider before you start:

  • What stationery will you need? – If you meet potential clients regularly, business cards are essential. If you send products through the post, compliments slips are a great addition to your marketing arsenal.
  • What will you put on your stationery? – Contact details (including web and social addresses) are essential, as is your logo. What else? Do you have a strapline or slogan that you want your customers to know about?
  • How will your stationery fit in with your brand? – Do you have brand colours, fonts and styles already in place? If so, make sure you incorporate them into your stationery.

Once this is all in place, you need to think about the kind of cardboard and paper you want to use. Don’t go for the budget option: if you use flimsy paper, your customers might think you’re a flimsy business. You should also think about how much stationery you need to order.

If you need some expert help, it’s time to talk to March.


March – stationery design agency

As experts in stationery design, March can help you create materials that boost your brand and your customers will want to keep.

Our stationery designer will work with you on everything you need for your next batch of stationery, including:

  • What types of stationery you need
  • How it fits in with your brand
  • Graphic design
  • Paper and cardboard stock
  • Colour palette and typography

By sitting down and talking about your business, your customers and your goals, we’ll create stationery you will be proud to distribute to prospects and customers.

Stationery Design

Well-designed business stationery isn’t just for established brands. Any business can create stationery that sets them apart from their competitors and delights their audience.

Show your customers you care, with brilliantly designed stationery. Take the opportunity.

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