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Your packaging could be the difference between a new customer picking your product from the shop shelf, or picking up that of your competitor’s. It could potentially win you a customer for life, or just as easily lose them. Consumers judge your product by its packaging before they ever get to find out what it can do, so you need to make it great.

On this page, we’ll look at what packaging design is, as well as tips for excellent packaging. We’ll also look at how, as a packaging design agency, March can help you create packaging that wins customers.

What is packaging design?

Your packaging is the material that contains your product. Packaging design is the process that allows your packaging to fulfil a wide range of functions. It has to be functional, holding your product, enabling it to be transported and stored. It needs to stand out from your competitors’ packaging in some way, as well as appeal to customers in-store and online.

There are three types of packaging, all with different functions and design needs:

  • Primary – holds your product (for example, a bottle of shampoo)
  • Secondary – outer packaging for display and on-shelf storage. Also for protection during transport (e.g. a box with a bottle of perfume inside)
  • Tertiary – combining multiple packages for storing and logistics, typically seen in warehouses

While you need your packaging to be appealing to your customers, it also needs to convey information about your product. For example, food products must display ingredients and nutritional information.

Packaging Design

Why you need an effective packaging design

Think about how you select products in a supermarket or shop.

Usually, you go with what you know, but sometimes you like to give something else a try. What goes through your mind? It could be price, or other features, but most of the time, you’ll make a snap decision based on what you see. That’s the packaging.

Great packaging appeals to the eye, the brain and the emotions. It stands out on the shelves. It states all the necessary features and benefits. It is also a reflection of the company brand.

If you make all those connections in a few split-seconds, you can win over a customer for potentially a very long time.


Around a third of purchasing decisions are based solely on the packaging - source


Two-thirds of consumers said they had tried a new product because they like the packaging - source


74% of 18-25-year olds have shared images of product packaging on social media - source

How to design great packaging

Designing exciting and appealing packaging is a challenge that causes you to think deeply about your product, your customers and how you want to be seen by the world.

Here are three aspects you need to consider before you start:

  • Who are your customers? – Who are the people who buy your product? Your packaging needs to appeal to them on a visual and emotional level.
  • Where will you be displaying yours? – Where will your packing appear, both online and offline? What products is it likely to be next to? Your product needs to be remarkable, so keep this in mind.
  • What materials will you make your package out of? – Sometimes this is dictated by the product itself (e.g. soda in cans or bottles). Often, however, you must make a choice. Will your packaging be made from sustainable materials?

Once you have this in place, you need to think about colours, shapes, fonts and more. You must make sure your packaging is consistent with your business’ brand. When someone sees your packaging, you want them to associate it with your company and brand.

If you need some expert help, it’s time to talk to March.

Palm Scrubber and Linti Packaging

Case Study: Packaging Design for EasyDo Products

March – packaging design agency

March has a long and successful record of creating packaging that helps win customers and defines your brand. We’ll help design packaging that is innovative, functional and appealing. We’ll look at:

  • Functionality
  • Graphic design
  • Colour palette
  • Placement of information
  • Typography
  • Packaging shape and dimensions
  • And much more

All of these will enhance your product with packaging that leaps off the shelves. Examples of our packaging design expertise include our work for Dishmatic.

By sitting down and talking to you about your business, your customers and how you want your brand to be seen, we’ll construct packaging that helps you achieve your goals.

Packaging Design that sells

With creativity and smart thinking, any brand, regardless of signs or budget, can create packaging that stands out from the crowd.

Make sure you take this opportunity to give your product an advantage over your competitors.

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