November’s Launch Quartet

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November’s Launch Quartet

November was an buzzing time at March HQ as we published no less than four client websites within the same week.

by Adam Maidment  @adamleemaidment  adamleemaidment 25th November, 2016 read time: 4 mins

We’re pretty good with time management. Organisation skills are essential if a project is to be delivered within budget and deadline. With that in mind we always schedule our projects so each client receives our attention without unnecessary distraction or conflict from other tasks.

However, the world doesn’t exist purely on paper – or in Trello for that matter – so the initial plan we approve with each of our clients can sometimes change within a few weeks of commencing. We’re fine with that and feel that a project should be allowed to evolve and grow as long as the goals are clearly defined and the solution still fits. As Gold 5 once said, “Stay on target!”

So, we had four website builds, with three clients, which had started at various stages throughout the year from May onwards. The project which started first was in fact the longest project and required a specific level of attention for us to be able to achieve the level of excellence the brand required. The introduction of an external photography studio added to the project lead time but the end result was an aesthetic which was far better than it would have been without this creative injection.

In the mix was a dual website project for a fast-moving consumer goods client. The initial brief was for a single website with two distinct sections – for the corporate brand and their leading product range. On closer analysis of the new product branding, we recommended that the single hybrid site be split into two separate sites, such that both brands had a unique identity and allow branding, style and even tone of voice to be clearly articulated without clashing in the same space. This evolution meant that rather than building one site we were now building two and so the lead time was adjusted accordingly.

The third client’s project had a very clear brief with goals and requirements succinct enough that we felt we would be able to turn the project around in a short time frame. As the sites for the first and second clients were coming to fruition we were able to design and build (the best part) of the third client site in October.

By the time November came round all four websites had been through our client review and feedback process and were approved and ready for launch. So after we double and triple checked everything and made sure the respective servers were ready, we deployed the sites staggered over a single week.

A job well done!

Time management is so important

So what’s the point of this little story, except to shout about some of our client work? Well, it’s to reiterate the importance of time tracking and project management. Without the processes we have in place, both internally and externally (client-facing), the various projects we were juggling could very easily have all come crashing down. 

Communication and regular project updates are a must and we request no less from our clients, such that our clients do not only just understand where things are within a project but also feedback to us any progress and other business-related developments which might have a bearing on the delivery of their project. This was certainly the case of two of our clients who were product manufacturers and suppliers and who’s own branding and internal development had a direct bearing on the content of their new websites.

So always take the time to set project goals, define a solution and then a plan, but don’t panic if the plan has to change. Be flexible but remain focused and communicate any changes or concerns as early as possible and you’ll find even if time is tight you can still hit your deadlines.

So which clients were they?

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