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The ‘Dishmatic family’ is a range of dispensing and refillable washing-up tools, including the famous Dishmatic Handle. It’s made by Libman Brands, a business that aims to bring the world a better way to clean through innovation, design and quality.

At March, we’ve been working with this FMCG brand for several years, having worked on projects that include redesigning Dishmatic’s packaging to help them stand out better on the supermarket shelves.

The Challenge

During their rebranding, it became apparent that Dishmatic would need a new website. Libman wanted a site that would reflect Dishmatic’s new branding as ‘your dish friend’ and be exciting to customers, as well as educate new customers on what they can do with Dishmatic.

The new FMCG brand websites would also need to be CMS-driven and simple enough for the team to maintain. Oh, it they had to be ready to launch alongside the new Dishmatic range.

FMCG Brand Websites for Dishmatic

Our Solution

Our idea was to use the latest web design innovations to bring Dishmatic’s new packaging to life, through a combination of animation and interactivity.

We began by creating prototype web pages to show the content layout and how customers would navigate around the site. We loaded these prototypes into the InVision app, which allowed us to add interactivity and record the client using them in real-time. The client could deliver feedback directly into InVision, which improved communication between our design team and Libman.

Once Libman approved the prototypes, we worked with Dishmatic’s product design team on how to get their vibrant new packaging to work on the web.

We wrote custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript to enhance the customer journey, adding neat water bubbles on the screen. For mobile devices, we took things to the next level. For example, on smartphones, if you rotate the screen, the bubbles and the water float around as well!

FMCG Brand Website Design FMCG Brand Websites Dishmatic Mobile Website Design

The Results

Dishmatic was already a popular, established product, but our new site made people look at it in a different way.

In the month after launching the new site, there was an immediate 45% increase in visitors, with a 20% reduction in the bounce rate.

The mobile experience on the site was much improved compared to what was there before. In the first month, the site received a 42% increase in visitors from iOS devices.

FMCG Brand Website Design for Dishmatic Mobile Website for Dishmatic

The new DishHub section of the site provided a central point for customer engagement, with posts on updates to the product, seasonal promotions and social media campaigns. The new website did a great job of bringing the fun and colour of Dishmatic into the online world, as well as providing a unique platform for customers to engage with the brand.

Libman Brands loved the new site and launched it in tandem with their new product range as it appeared on shelves across Europe.

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Having undertaken an extensive re-brand which included new logos, packaging and brand guidelines, March designed a consumer site which reflected our new identity stylishly and effectively.
Nathan Neumann
Business Development Manager, Libman Brands UK

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