The Root of Successful Agency Partnerships

The importance of synergistic collaboration

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The Root of Successful Agency Partnerships

We collaborate closely with our clients to gain a better understanding of their business and provide better solutions.

by Adam Maidment @adamleemaidment 14 Jun, 2019 read time: 5 mins Comments

Collaboration is an important part of the ethos of March. We collaborate with our clients to gain a better understanding of their business which in turn enables us to build better products and provide more effective solutions. We don’t believe that client relationships should be one-way traffic, but that we are like two sides of the same coin; sharing highs and lows; embarking on the journey hand in hand.

We feel exactly the same way about our agency partners. We don’t profess to be experts in all areas, in fact, we try our hardest not to be. We’re excellent at building brands and providing digital solutions for web and print, but when we have a brief that goes beyond our core strengths, we engage with our wider network of experts and luminaries and collaborate with them to produce the best results possible.

One of our 'BFF Agencies' - The Tree - excel at content creation and delivering highly targeted and successful marketing campaigns for its clients. We’ve worked with them for many years, initially via development support but latterly as full partners on projects ranging from global eCommerce and large scale recruitment websites to international skincare brands.

The Tree’s sister company The Root has a unique CMS platform on which we have collaborated as a development partner, providing both testing and feedback during the early stages of Root’s development but also working in tandem with the Tree to build websites for a handful of clients - both Tree and March led.

Daniel Andrews, Tree CEO, invited me over to discuss the merits of Root as a dynamic, flexible and scalable CMS solution.

So the next time you have a project and you find yourself looking at a multi-agency solution, do not fear. Think about it, you wouldn’t expect your electrician to install your new gas boiler, or your IT guy to do an MOT on your car. Get the best team for the task, or better still, find teams who already know each other and work well together. Business partnerships are an important tool in any agency’s bag and truly synergistic relationships are a benefit to all parties; clients and agencies alike.

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