Film Poster Artwork for The Murderers

Roll out the blood red carpet

Film Poster Artwork for The Murderers

We were invited by Black Barn Productions to Curzon Soho for the premiere of their new film, The Murderers.

by Peter Burch  @ptburch  petertburch 13th March, 2017 read time: 3 mins

We were approached by Black Barn Productions to be involved with the making of this wonderful, independent movie. March led the visual identity of the film, including typography, art direction, and also illustrated the film poster artwork.

The Murderers film stars Joe McGann and Abigail Davies.

Joseph (McGann) wakes to a grisly sight and discovers that a company calling themselves ‘The Murderers’ have set their sights on him.

Choosing to protect his old friend Ramona (Davies), a reclusive artist, Joseph returns to his former territory to seek the assistance of a ruthless employer from his past.

Unsure as to who is behind ‘The Murderers”, Joseph attempts to shield Ramona from threatening taunts and a dwindling sense of control only to have his grip on events become even more hopeless. He must face his demons. And the past hates things being left unfinished.

Film Poster Artwork for The Murderers

Our film poster artwork adorned the walls of Curzon Soho.

The debut for The Murderers in Soho was a tremendous success, with the screening being fully booked.

Murderers Film Poster Artwork
The Murderers Film Launch at Curzon Soho

Watch The Murderers on Vimeo

To learn more about making of The Murderers and their other independent films, visit Black Barn Productions

For the official soundtrack and title song “Trigger”, visit Portrait XO on SoundCloud

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