10 Popular Alternatives to Google Analytics

10 popular options to try

10 Popular Alternatives to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is probably the most popular website tracking tool on the planet. But what if you are looking for an alternative to Analytics for your website tracking needs?

by Adam Maidment  @adamleemaidment  adamleemaidment 15th September, 2016 read time:  mins


Website: www.hitsniffer.com

Hit Sniffer is a suite of powerful, easy to use tools that provide real time statistics. It is ideal for lead generation statistics and it measures the effectiveness of your web performance, from PPC to SEO. It covers all the typical statistics you’d expect to see such as visitor details, keywords, referral data, social network tracking, entry/exist page reports, browser data and more. One of our favourite Google Analytics alternatives.


Website: mixpanel.com

Tagged as the most advanced platform in the world for mobile and web tracking and a solid Google Analytics alternative, MixPanel certainly has a lot to offer. It moves away from the more typical ‘pageview’ approach and uses other more accurate methods to track engagement. You can create complex queries to answer detailed questions about your data, taking you beyond the standard trend lines and pie charts. Although it may be slightly less intuitive than other platforms it’s well worth a look.


Website: www.awstats.org

The grandaddy of web tracking software, but still popular for server admins and those looking to track stats via web logs. AWStats is also free and can be used for tracking FTP, streaming data and mail servers as well as standard web traffic. The visualisations are a little uninspiring when compared to the newer offerings but still provide all the information you’d need. It’s also not great at providing real visitor insights in the way MixPanel can. As far as Google Analytics alternatives go, this is very popular and frequently installed as part of a package by lots of hosting providers.


Website: www.visistat.com

VisiStat offers a solid web analytics solution and has continues to improve with each iteration. Unfortunately it does lack some of the more complex functionality of other leading services such as custom reporting, tracking custom variables and CRM integration. However it is covers the basics well, is very easy to use and is good value; offering real-time user tracking at a competitive price.


Website: www.opentracker.net

OpenTracker is a “competitively priced solution for website and mobile app analytics, website lead gathering and other big-data traffic reporting”. It offers good tracking of visitor and referrer traffic and integrates with CRM platforms. It’s particularly good at event tracking from video plays and file downloads to form submissions. OpenTracker will also help you identify visitors by company or organisation which can help boost sales. 


Website: piwik.org

Piwik is an open-source analytics platform which you install and maintain on your own server, although there is a cloud offering as well if you are less inclined to get your hands dirty. Piwik is very popular and well supported and is often pitched as a direct competitor to Google Analtics. It’s well worth investigating and there are a load of great plugins available for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, TextPattern and many other CMS, which make it very easy to install. Highly recommended.


Website: www.woopra.com

Woopra delivers a complete suite of enterprise grade analytics in one easy to use live interface. The UI is visually appealing with modern designs and colours which help lighten the user experience. The real-time reporting is excellent as is the customer funnelling and event tracking. Give this one a try.


Website: www.kissmetrics.com

Kissmetrics is tailored more towards the marketing and sales aspects of website tracking, by delivering key insights and timely interactions to help you turn your visitors into customers. It has a rich feature set built on a robust and intuitive platform allowing you to track almost anything. Its unique focus on individuals utilises funnels and conversions to help you track complete customer journeys. If you are selling a product or app this platform is definitely worth trialling.


Website: heapanalytics.com

Heap operates differently to Google Analytics by automatically tracking all events that take place on your website; clicks, form submission, file downloads, video plays and more. All that’s required is the installation of a tiny code snippet (as with GA and many other platforms). They also have an awesome support team and will help you customise the platform to suit your individual business needs. One to watch!


Website: haveamint.com

Mint takes a rather simplistic view of website stats striving for an overview-on-one-page approach. It’s perfect for quick access to your top line stats however digging through your data is non-existent. There are also some core stats which seem lacking such as bounce rates, duration or other user metrics. Mint is very cheap at a fixed $30 per site, but it does feel like you get what you pay for here.

Other Google Analytics alternatives to looks out for:

  • Clicky – Real time web analytics.
  • Open Web Analytics (OWA) – Open source web analytics.
  • StatCounter – Free invisible web tracker, hit tracker and web stats.
  • W3Counter – Free web analytics and visit counter. 
  • ChartBeat – Tools to create, capture and capatalise on attention. 
  • Gauges – Real time analytics service.
  • GoSquared – Real time customer analytics.

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