Creative Resistance: Global Tiger Day 2017

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Creative Resistance: Global Tiger Day 2017

We were invited by illustrator Stephen Lau to celebrate #GlobalTigerDay 2017.

by Peter Burch ptburch 01 Aug, 2017 read time: 3 mins Comments

Located at Publika, KL, #GlobalTigerDay brought together artists and creative brains from across Asia. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the world tiger population has fallen by over 95%. With only 3,890 tigers left in the world, Global Tiger Day, sponsored by Tiger Beer, raises awareness and funds through art to protect this endangered species and fight the illegal tiger trade.

Using tigers as inspiration, artists attending #GlobalTigerDay at Publika included Hua Tunan, Tran Nguyen and Nookt.

Our particular favourites were the two vibrant street art pieces by Malaysian artist Kenji Chai:

Tiger mural by Kenji Chai

Tiger street art by Kenji Chai

We also loved the large tiger sculpture on display by Malaysian illustrator/artist Stephen Lau:

Tiger art by Stephen Lau

Illustration by Hua Tunan from China:

Hua Tunan Tiger art

Snaring poses a grave risk to tigers and the WWF urge governments to reinforce investment in rangers in order to half the crisis.

Discover more about Global Tiger Day at WWF > 

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