5 Creative Podcasts and Vlogs to ignite your imagination

5 Creative Podcasts and Vlogs to ignite your imagination

Steer clear of the creative cul-de-sac with these great podcasts and vLogs.

by Peter Burch  @ptburch  petertburch 25th August, 2017 read time: 3 mins

Here are five of my favourite creative Podcasts and Vlogs resources and why you should subscribe.

Writers, artists, musicians, designers – creative block is the enemy of invention and can creep up on us at any time.

One process to help you steer clear of the creativity cul-de-sac is by taking in great creative podcasts and vLogs by luminaries within the design and product industries.


“Work hard and be nice to people” is the mantra presented by Tel Aviv based designer Ran Segall. Known to many as one of the co-founders of the NuSchool, Ran’s vLog covers the day to day life as a designer. Topics vary from the technicalities of design, presenting to clients, understanding and dealing with feedback, communication and pricing. An excellent resource for those getting started in the industry to those already well established.

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Noah Kagan Presents

Founder of Sumo, Noah Kagan is a growth hacker who previously worked with Facebook, Mint and Intel. Noah’s channel contains a plethora of well humoured advice to help build your business, from marketing strategies to advanced content marketing. Check him out.

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Say Something Worth Stealing

Hosted by UX and VR luminary Dave Curry, Say Something Worth Stealing is a conversational led podcast where creatives share their experience about their careers and life. SSWS has a focus on emerging technology including AR, VR and MR.

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Adventures in Design

Launched in 2013, Adventures in Design with Mark Brickey is a daily show that focuses on the projects, processes, and inspirational monologue of its talented guests. Topics range from logo design, to the struggles of sourcing and managing clients.

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Taking the title from Jason Fried’s best selling bookREWORK is a recently launched podcast that focuses on a better way to work and run your business and features stories and unconventional wisdom from Basecamp’s co-founders and other business owners.

To this day Jason’s words in his REWORK book remains one of my biggest inspirations in the quest to achieve a harmonious work/life balance.

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