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You might not know the name Libman Brands, but we bet you know their brands. You’ll have seen the Dishmatic® range of products when you go to the supermarket. The ‘Dishmatic family’ is a range of dispensing and refillable washing-up tools, including the famous Dishmatic Handle.

Libman also make the Glide Brush, Palm Scrubber and Linti – a revolutionary new lint roller – and more besides.

FMCG Packaging Design for Dishmatic Brush
Dishmatic’s hero product the refillable Dishmatic Handle

The Challenge

At March, we’ve been working with this business for many years, so when Libman asked us to redesign their packaging, we were happy to help.

However, when you work with a brand like Dishmatic, you have to be careful. Dishmatic is a much-loved and respected British brand, with a loyal customer base built up over twenty years. When you’re redesigning their packaging, you don’t want to be too radical. You don’t want to put people off.

Libman’s customer research highlighted that while customers love Dishmatic, the packaging needed an update, to stand out on the shelves and communicate its benefits more effectively.

Bathmatic Sponge Lifestyle Photo
The Bathmatic Duo clean by Dishmatic

The Solution

The flagship product in the Dishmatic range is the Dishmatic Handle, which is sold with a replaceable sponge head. To use it, simply open the cap and fill with washing up liquid, which is automatically dispensed through the sponge head as you clean. When the sponge wears out, you unclip it and replace it with a new Dishmatic refill.

The range was recently relaunched with a bold, new-look brand, designed to stand out against other rival products and communicate the product’s ability to deliver stunning end results. Dishmatic also got a new strapline, ‘Your dish friend’, to express the brand’s welcoming personality.

Libman Brands commissioned March to redesign the Dishmatic packaging to accommodate the newly-updated MK5 Handle, and also to refresh their Classic Handle. It would also need to communicate to customers that it’s an updated version of their favourite product.

FMCG Packaging Design Dishmatic

As well as the Dishmatic Handles, we were also commissioned to redesign packaging for other items in the Libman range, including Linti, Palm Scrubber, Glide, Bathmatic, and their Breast Cancer Campaign Artworks

FMCG Packaging Design Palm Scrubber and Linti Packaging

In addition to the FMCG packaging designs, we also created an Exhibition Design for Dishmatic for the Chicago International Home + Housewares Show.

Exhibition Stand Design for Dishmatic
Exhibition Stand Design
Breast Cancer Awareness Packaging for Dishmatic Pink Glide Brush FMCG Packaging Design

FMCG Packaging Design FMCG Packaging Design

The Results

Dishmatic may be an already established product, but our bold new package design made people look at it in a different light.

Since our redesign, more retail chains want to stock Dishmatic products. You can now find Dishmatic everywhere from top-of-the-range stores such as John Lewis and Waitrose, to mid-market giants Sainsbury’s and Tesco, to value chains such as Wilko and Poundland.

To design a package that appeals to all demographics in this way, is an achievement we are proud of.

The exhibition stand looked great! We are so pleased with how eye-catching our exhibition booth appeared.
Nathan Neumann
Business Development Manager, Libman Brands UK

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