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The Healthy Back Bag® began as an idea in the late 1980s after its founder underwent back surgery due to a roller-skating accident.

The flagship product is a bag that is ergonomically-shaped to match the natural curve of the wearer’s back. It’s designed to share its weight around the bag’s interior, making it feel lighter and putting less stress on the wearer’s back, neck and shoulders.

E-commerce Website Design

The Challenge

After many years of sustained growth and product evolution, Healthy Back Bag started a new and exciting brand update, which would include a complete rebuild of their e-commerce website.

The challenge the company laid down to us was to amalgamate its three existing websites into one all-consuming e-commerce platform. These sites were:

  • Consumer site – for online shopping by the public
  • Trade site – for distributors and retail purchasers, as well as point of sale items
  • Trade brochure site – highly visual and brand-driven

The new site needed to provide e-commerce capability for consumers, as well as key assets to trade users via a File Management System. It had to have a higher level of automation compared to what went before, with improved third-party integration. Finally, the site would need to give the client’s team a high level of control over page layouts and content, so they could run information and marketing campaigns.

HBB Mobile Website Screens

Our Process

A technically detailed brief like this required a process-driven approach.

The first stage was an in-depth analysis of Healthy Back Bag’s existing websites and internal processes. We took our time to understand the issues with the current platforms. We also looked at how the company ran its business behind the scenes, in the office with the staff and with its third-party logistics (3PL) provider. We scrutinised everything, from data flow from the site to financial systems to SKU formats and product categorisation. 

With a complete and comprehensive picture of the business in hand, we drafted a final set of requirements from which we could build our online solution.

While this was happening, the rebranding process for Healthy Back Bag was nearing its conclusion. Many of the initial brand concepts were put together with the future website in mind, so we had solid ideas to work with while we were designing the new site.

E-commerce web design

Once we presented our design concepts to the client, we moved into the implementation phase; an intense five-week build split into four rapid sprints of backend build, data migration, front-end build and third-party integrations, each with top-level testing at the end of each cycle.

Finally, we gave the site it’s final test session before launch.

HBB Website on Desktop HBB Website on Tablet HBB Website on Phone

The new site was built on WooCommerce. We chose this platform because it provided the best open-source solution given the requirements.

To allow for smooth integration of the new site with the 3PL provider via the WooCommerce API, we customised the core of WooCommerce itself. With this customisation, the site could have:

– Live transferral of order data between the site and the warehouse
– The subsequent updating of orders on the website post-dispatch
– Automated customer notifications sent quickly and efficiently

With a combination of a fully-featured layout builder and a popular form builder, the client could build an unlimited amount of campaign pages, for launch and for future marketing campaigns.

We also installed a self-contained File and Download Management system, to host and maintain all the company’s trade assets. The system was customised so it would work with bespoke user types to allow retail and distributor users to see additional trade information when viewing standard consumer product pages. This meant that an SKU only needed to be updated once, but would display different data depending on the viewer.

Fashion Branding for Healthy Back Bag Fashion Website Design

The Results

Healthy Back Bag launched the new website in tandem with the brand relaunch. It was exceptionally well-received.

Month-on-month since the launch, the site has attracted more customers and increased conversion rates. In the year since launch:

– Revenue has grown 116%
– Conversion rates have increased by 17.4%
– Online Revenue up by 61%
– Average order value has risen by 16%

We have also seen positive feedback from customers, as we continue to incorporate as suggestions from their loyal army of fans into the site. All in all, a great success.

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We have worked with March for many years and they are great to work with. They are technically and creatively brilliant, and great fun too... not always a given! They genuinely care about understanding what we are aiming for and often articulate it better than we do. Our branding and our website are in hands that we wholeheartedly trust, and we thoroughly recommend them.
Priscilla Chase
Director, The Healthy Back Bag

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