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While recovering from back surgery following a roller-skating accident in the late 80s, Margery Gaffin had an idea. Her idea was an ergonomically-shaped bag that hugs the natural curve of your back, distributing the weight evenly down your spine. This idea became the Healthy Back Bag®.

Every Healthy Back Bag is a combination of versatility, practicality and style. Its pocketing not only keeps your possessions organised, but also shares the weight evenly around the bag’s interior. This makes the bag feel lighter, putting less stress on your neck, back and shoulders. What’s more, they look great!

The Challenge

After years of sustained growth and evolution, Healthy Back Bag needed a new and exciting brand update, led by consumer research.

The challenge was, Healthy Back Bag was seen as a medical brand. As we got to know the business, we felt this perception was selling them short. Sure, Healthy Back Bags are great for your back, but they look stunning too. To drive the brand forward, we believed Healthy Back Bag should become a fashion brand that retains health benefits.

Hey, we love a challenge!

Fashion Branding: The Process

To get to the heart of who they are and the essence of their brand, Healthy Back Bag conducted extensive market research and customer interviews. Researchers asked customers what Healthy Back Bag means to them, as well as what they think of the brand. 

Would our feeling that Healthy Back Bag was a fashion brand trapped in a medical brand’s body be echoed by the customers?

It quickly became apparent that The Healthy Back Bag meant different things to different people. After a two-day brand workshop, three words seemed to continually come up in conversation.

With these words in mind, a brand statement was formed that combines these ideas perfectly.


When we say ‘balanced’, we don’t mean it only in the ergonomic and comfort sense. It’s part of a holistic lifestyle. The Healthy Back Bag is perfect for city slickers and ramblers; equally at home at the office or on the beach.

Our next challenge was how to translate the brand statement into a bold new look.

The Solution

We proposed a solution of abstract imagery that promotes the idea of balance without immediately identifying the product.

Healthy Back Bag Branding

To reflect the ‘beautiful’ aspect, we used bold, block colours, based on the innovative, exciting and colourful Healthy Back Bag designs.

The art direction would next need to be applied to their new product photography and studio shoots.

We drew up a fashion branding document and distributed it to the Healthy Back Bag team and partners, along with their global distributor and retailer network. This gave The Healthy Back Bag consistency in all their materials, from digital through to point of sale.

The new branding was officially unveiled at MODA, the UK’s largest fashion trade event.

Swingtag Design
Stationery Design for HBB
HBB Desktop Web Design Fashion Branding for The Healthy Back Bag HBB Mobile Website

Finally, we supported the brand relaunch with a new, modern, bespoke e-commerce website.

Rebranding for Healthy Back Bag Branding Project for HBB

The end result? The Healthy Back Bag brand is at home with the world’s most fashionable brands; the perfect combination of form and function.

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To say we're impressed by March's work is an understatement. We've worked with them on everything from branding to back-end web solutions and they never fail to deliver a quality product. They're a pleasure to work with and when they say they will do something, it actually gets done! 10/10.
Darcy Carson-Keane
Head of Brand, The Healthy Back Bag

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