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March created a new website for this market leading fast moving consumer goods brand.

Dishmatic is a leading brand of dispensing and refillable washing up tools. The range is created by EasyDo Products, a British family owned company who design, manufacture and sell cleaning tools that delight customers.

When we were approached by EasyDo they were in the process of rebranding their products. There was a need to educate new customers on what Dishmatic does and at the same time to reinforce their personality as a "washing up friend" to existing customers.

The client required a new, CMS driven website that would match their new branding, be exciting to customers and easy to maintain within their team. The site needed to be ready to launch alongside their updated Dishmatic range as it went onto supermarket shelves.


Transitioning from Print to Web

Using latest web technologies, we brought Dishmatic’s packaging to life through a combination of animation and interactivity.

We began the process by creating prototypes to show content layout and to direct the typical customer journey. The prototypes were taken into InVision which allowed us to add interactivity and to record the client using them in real time. Feedback was delivered directly into InVision which improved the overall communication process between our design team and the client.

Once the prototypes were approved we worked with Dishmatic’s product design team to best translate their exciting new packaging into a different medium - the web.

We wrote custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript to enrich the customer experience and to mimic water and bubbles on screen. For touch devices we were able to apply an additional level of interactivity so rotating a smartphone for instance would see the bubbles and water move with the user’s movements.

desktop-dishmatic.jpg tablet-dishmatic.jpg phone-dishmatic.jpg

Increasing customer engagement

In the first month after launch there was an immediate increase in visitors to the site up by 40.5% with the bounce rate reduced by 20%.

The new DishHub section provides a central point for customer engagement with posts on product updates, seasonal promotions and social media campaigns.

A major improvement over the old site is the mobile experience, which now provides cross device flexibility via responsive layouts allowing site visitors to experience the site for the first time via their mobile or tablet devices. In the first month the site received a 42% increase from iOS devices.

macbook-dishmatic.png iPhone-dishmatic.png

Not only has the new website brought the fun and colourful aspect of the Dishmatic brand online but it has also provided a new platform for engagement.

The new site was very well received by the board and launched simultaneously with their new product range as it went on shelves across Europe.

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Having undertaken an extensive re-brand which included new logos, packaging and brand guidelines, March designed a consumer site which reflected our new identity stylishly and effectively.
Nathan Neumann
Business Development Manager, EasyDo Products Ltd

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