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March was commissioned by consultant orthopaedic surgeon and clinical director Jim Gray to create a visual identity and website for his start-up app, DASH - Dedicated Agile Software for Healthcare.

Having worked as a senior orthopaedic consultant for over 20 years, Mr Gray created DASH after becoming frustrated with the current state of software within the healthcare industry. His solution was to create clinician-designed software to make healthcare work properly for its staff and patients.

The USPs of DASH are its intuitive, fast and slick user interface design, reducing paperwork and freeing more time for health carers to spend with patients.

The disruptive nature of the app and the potential benefits to the healthcare system made this a project we very much wanted to be involved with.


Sculpting the brand

With DASH in its infancy, we worked closely with founder Mr Gray to understand his vision and define the brand virtues and essence. Once agreed we developed concepts to reflect the brand message of DASH and it’s unique selling points: speed, connectivity with a punk ethos.

We created a parent identity along with a series of sub-brand logos and iconography for the individual products within the DASH suite.

Upon approval we produced a final brand guidelines document which was subsequently used to lead the app development team and other contributors.

desktop-dash.jpg tablet-dash.jpg phone-dash.jpg

Responsive Website

We began the digital design by creating static wireframes of the DASH website that displayed the structure and content layout. The wireframes went through one round of revisions and then realised in HTML and CSS. 

The purpose of the DASH website was to display key information for the upcoming app and a single page layout provided the best way of delivering the content.

The site was built in Umbraco for its flexibility for development and user friendly interface, allowing the content on the site to be maintained with minimal effort and support.

Dash on MacBook Dash on iPhone 6

The DASH brand and website was successfully launched in 2016 with the App due to be launched in the near future. We continue to work with Tuberosity and founder Jim Gray with branding and marketing communications and are excited to see the app launch in the near future.

If you'd like to know more about our client Tuberosity and the DASHmed app read this Doctorpreneur article.

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It's been a blast working with a switched on, incredible team, who have been firm in their commitment, malleable to suggestion and sticking to brief yet wise enough to push beyond to get the customer focussed results.
Jim Gray
Founder, DASH

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