Who Are The Murderers?

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Who Are The Murderers?

We were invited by Black Barn Productions to Curzon Soho for the premiere of their new film, The Murderers.

by Peter Burch ptburch 13 Mar, 2017 read time: 2 mins Comments

Starring Joe McGann and Abigail Davies, the film sees retired hit-man Joseph (McGann) waking to a grisly sight. He soon discovers that a company calling themselves "The Murderers" have set their sights on him.

Choosing to protect his old friend Ramona (Davies), Joseph returns to his former territory to face his demons and lay them to rest.

We were directly involved with the making of this wonderful independent film, having illustrated the posters and led the visual identity.

The Murderers Poster

Our artwork adorned the walls of Curzon Soho

The Murderers Poster

The Murderers Poster

To find a screening of The Murderers near you visit www.the-murderers.com

Official Soundtrack by Portrait XO

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